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Disaster Recovery: Are You Ready?

A disaster recovery plan is a must have for all businesses large and small. Whether it’s a hurricane winds, failed AC units, broken water pipes, or electrical fires, a business needs a well-established plan to help act in these situations.

A few key ingredients that help with disaster recovery planning are:

  1. Who is the point person?

  2. Who oversees different aspects of the recovery plan?

  3. Who and how do establish communications within your team?

  4. Is there a backup work-site? Where is it? Who has access and how can you make it available to the rest of your team?

  5. Does your IT service-level-agreement include a disaster recovery assistance?

  6. Where is your back up data stored and how can you access it?

  7. What is your downtime? How fast can you be up and running?

  8. How soon can you establish communication with your customers and vendors?

If you have not prepared for the worst and disaster strikes, do not panic! Use the steps above to gather your thoughts and your team. It will take you longer to get things up and running but you can. The most important is to not lose financial data, which can be very costly to recover or re-create!

Of course, should you need assistance I am here to help.

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