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6 Steps to Issuing 1099s

Preparing to issue 1099s can be daunting, but it doesn't have to be. With the right tools and information, you can ensure that your 1099s are accurate and filed on time. Here are some tips to help you prepare:

  1. Gather all necessary information: Ensure you have all the information for your independent contractors, including their names, address, and taxpayer identification number (TIN). This information should be included on the 1099 form. Use the IRS-issued W9 form to gather the data, or use your accounting software system.

  2. Use software or online tools: Several software programs and online tools can help you prepare and file your 1099s. These tools often have built-in validation checks to ensure that the information is accurate and can help you stay organized and on top of deadlines.

  3. Keep records: It's important to keep accurate records of all payments made to independent contractors. This will help ensure that the information on the 1099s is accurate and that you can provide any necessary backup documentation if the IRS audits your return.

  4. File on time: The deadline for filing 1099s is January 31st. Don't wait until the last minute to file your forms. This will give you plenty of time to correct any errors or omissions and ensure that your forms are filed on time.

  5. Be aware of the tax laws and regulations: Keep yourself updated on the tax laws and regulations related to 1099s to avoid any issues. Ensure you know the difference between an employee and an independent contractor and the amounts that trigger the need to issue a 1099.

  6. Verify the TINs of your contractors: The IRS requires that businesses check the validity of TINs before issuing 1099s. You can submit a W-9 form to your contractors and use the IRS's TIN Matching Program.

By following these tips, you can prepare to issue 1099s confidently and ensure that your independent contractors receive their forms on time. If you're still unsure about the process, it's always best to consult a tax professional.

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